Backfile Scanning Services

Let MTS turn Your Paper Archives Into Searchable Data

MTS can convert millions of documents from historical files into searchable electronic data quickly and securely. From document pick up to document return or shredding, we maintain custody of your content from beginning to end, and every employee who touches your files has cleared national and state background checks. Nothing is “offshored”.

What are "Backfile" scanning services?

illustration of document moving from bankers box to scanner to digital output on monitor

Backfile scanning services, also known as backfile conversion, is the act of digitizing and indexing large volumes of documents and storing them in a searchable digital archive. Many companies choose to integrate the images into their business systems, such as document management or enterprise content management software.

Why digitize your legacy documents?

Prior to many companies, government agencies, and institutions implementing initiatives to go "paperless", they amassed thousands, if not, millions of records stored on media such as microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards and/or paper. These volumes of records are often stored in file rooms, basements, or off-site warehouse facilities making them difficult and sometimes costly to access and at-risk of being lost, damaged, or destroyed.

Backfile Scanning Benefits photo: hand truck loaded with 3 boxes

By scanning your paper documents, you can:

  • reduce costs and liability of storing paper
  • eliminate storage retrieval or "scan on-demand" fees
  • improve employee productivity by making the information contained in your records instantly available and searchable
  • reclaim valuable office space
  • become one step closer to going "paperless"

Reasons to Outsource Scanning



Having been in the business of managing scanning projects for decades, we have developed policies and procedures to be as efficient as possible. This translates into competitive pricing and cost-savings for our customers.



We have a dedicated team with multiple shifts per day to deliver scanning jobs in as timely and cost-effective a manner as possible. We provide accurate estimations of our completion times to meet our customers' goals.



We invest in state-of-the-art scanning equipment and industry-leading software that result in high-quality images and accurate data. We have quality control methods at each step to ensure our customers' satisfaction.



By outsourcing document scanning, your company and employees can stay focused on your own business objectives. Your business will be better off by staying focused on delivering value to your customers instead of spending time and resources scanning.

Our Most Popular Requests for Backfile Scanning

  • Invoices
  • Payment Remittances
  • Employee Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Loan Files
  • Health Records
  • Student Records

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