• Leasing industry mini banner
By combining cutting edge Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) and IntellaFlo workflow technology, MTS Software Solutions provides clients in the leasing industry the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition. Our lease processing solution, IntellaLease, streamlines the capture and processing of signed document packages received via e-mail, fax or paper.


  • Mortgage industry mini banner
Approve loans faster and more accurately. In these fast-paced financial businesses, minutes can make the difference between closing or losing a deal. MTS Software Solutions give you unprecedented speed and accuracy, while reducing risk of error and loss.


  • Banking industry mini banner
Banks save time and money, improve service, and discover new analytics that help them strategize for the future. MTS offers particular expertise in check scanning and branch automation.


  • Commercial industry mini banner
Where are the bottlenecks and paperwork challenges in your organization? Inefficiencies not only cost time and money, but frustrate your customers and employees. MTS offers solutions that pay for themselves while streamlining your service and financial systems. Plus, new data gives you the power to analyze, spot trends, and make smart decisions faster.


  • Insurance industry mini banner
Business management solutions tailored to the unique requirements of insurance companies and agencies help you bring on new clients and address claim faster. Using best-in-class technologies, your operation gains speed and accuracy at every step from new business to appeals, reduces risk, and offers a clear audit trail.


  • Healthcare industry mini banner
MTS IntellaFlo solutions bring you quickly and seamlessly into compliance with the HITECH Act, so you can lower risk, improve patient experience, and better you manage and control finances. Our experts also ensure you meet the evolving standards of Meaningful Use across the board.


  • Government industry mini banner
MTS Software Solutions is a proud member of COSTARS. Here’s a way to do more with less: MTS document management solutions that streamline processes, eliminate paper, and allow multiple stakeholders to have secure access to a file at the same time.


  • Education industry mini banner
Eliminate duplication and confusion in departments from admissions to registrar, bursar to alumni. MTS solutions create a seamless whole while working with your primary business applications such as DataTel or SCT Banner. Analytics help you identify gaps and opportunities early. Permissions provide appropriate, immediate access to files across the institution.