Learn more about how MTS Software Solutions is shaping the future of mortgage processing.

 Automation of data to feed into existing LOS

  • Expedite the loan approval process to approve qualified borrowers faster
  • Automate underwriting decisions with one-time entry of lender guidelines
  • Receive offers from lenders days earlier
  • Empower operations with tools to automate the loan workflow
  • Instantly know what loan documents are missing
  • Analyze loan closure rates in all mortgage loan officers’ pipelines

Accounts Payable

  • Streamline invoice, T&E and P-card processes on a single, integrated platform
  • Eliminate manual data entry and matching
  • Automate approval routing
    • Workflow automation for approval processes – auto routing
    • Instant access of where approval is in process

Accounts Receivable

  • Reduce A/R processing by 50-95%
  • Increase receipt volume without adding resources
  • Eliminate manual entry errors

Expense Management

  • Reduce employee time preparing reports
  • Expense Automation
  • Loan Automation
  • Reduce management time reviewing reports
  • Improve ability to negotiate with vendors

Remote Locations

  • Provide immediate and simultaneous access to all approved users across the organization
  • Reduce storage and shipping costs
  • Increase productivity and reduced costs

Human Resources

  • Hire mortgage professional candidates before competition does
  • Eliminate redundant data entry into payroll, security and other programs
  • Protect privacy and comply with regulations
  • Reduce storage costs

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Paper to electronic conversion
  • Document scanning and indexing services
  • eForm applications
  • Automate data entry into LOB