OnBase by Hyland


Please note that before addressing the various OnBase products that suit your business needs, we recommend an assessment of your business through discovery and analysis of your current and future business processes. The vast capabilities of the OnBase product is organized into these six categories:

  • Capture - your important documents and data into one secure system. Any file type, from any location, automatically classified.
  • Process - Revolutionize your processes by working electronically. Automate the predictable, repeatable parts of your processes and facilitate your case management requirements.
  • Access - your content easily, from anywhere. Use intuitive software in the office, or your mobile device while on the road. Work with your content while offline and improve customer service by extending access to your customers.
  • Integrate - OnBase with your other applications. Intelligently link the documents and data within OnBase to the transactions and activities in other applications.
  • Measure - Monitor your process and system performance without involving IT. Easily produce reports, analyze the health of your processes and make better decisions.
  • Store - Securely store, protect and destroy your content. Control access, benefit from on-line redundancy and automate your records management policies.