Roadside Assistance Giant Improves Service While Dramatically Cutting Costs

Our Client

One of the largest insurance and mortgage agencies in the country, with more than 35 offices across the country and more than 1000 employees. The organization offers road service, insurance, travel and mortgages.


  • High cost of managing paper—purchase, storage, transcription, copying, storage, destruction.
  • Poor customer service experience
  • Frustrated employees unable to please customers
  • Increasing risk of liability due to lost or misplaced documents

When people are in crisis, they call us. But our own back end was starting to become its own crisis. MTS rescued us and created a smooth and efficient customer service experience that we’re very proud of.


  • MTS BPO services digitized all paper records to save space and costs
  • Automated indexing eliminated lost and misfiled information
  • Integrated customer service with line of business systems