IntellaLend - More Loans, Less Costs - 2018-08-09

Improve Your Loan Process

Video: 2018-Q3-0809 Webinar - IntellaLend, More Loans, Less Costs

Which is a higher priority for leaders of lending organizations today: processing more loans or reducing the cost to process each loan?

What if you could get the best of both worlds and reduce your cost per loan while improving your customer service and capacity for processing more loans? With IntellaLend - our loan document processing and quality analysis platform, you can reduce manual labor and/ or outsourcing costs, save time, improve accuracy, and process more loans with existing resources.

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About MTS Software Solutions

MTS Software Solutions provides technology and services that simplify, streamline, and accelerate document and data-driven processes. MTS' flagship product, IntellaLend, empowers the mortgage industry to digitally transform the loan life-cycle by automating internal quality control standards throughout Pre-Funding, Post-Closing QC, Servicing, Warehouse, and Wholesale lending. Our IntellaLend solution automates loan set-up and integrates with your Loan Origination System to streamline delivery of loan documents and data. This allows you to make credit decisions, close loans, and maintain compliance more efficiently.

IntellaLend - Automated Loan Quality Management Platform

DTSH0105 Brochure: IntellaLend - Automated Loan Quality Management Platform

IntellaLend ensures a saleable and trackable loan asset while increasing efficiency and capacity.

Scanning Services

Brochure: Scanning Services

Document Scanning and Conversion Services from MTS Software Solutions put your data and documents right at your finger tips wherever and whenever you need them – not stored away in filing cabinets, basements, or off-site storage facilities.

ECM Consulting Services

ECM Consulting Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consulting Services from MTS Software Solutions ensure your technology investments are exceeding your expectations and adding value across the enterprise.

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"IntellaLend powered by MTS Software Solutions, is an Automated Intelligent Mortgage Solution that AIMS to Increase Your Loan Production by automating internal quality control standards throughout the loan life-cycle.

IntellaLend ensures you a compliant and quality loan record, increasing efficiency and capacity to deliver a trackable and saleable loan asset."

-Sam Kharidi, MTS' Director of Product Management

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