Mitigating Loan Portfolio Risks with guest Peter J Taglia - 2020-11-18

A Loan Quality Management Webinar

Video: 2020-Q4-1118-Webinar-IntellaLend--Mitigating Loan Portfolio Risk with guest Peter J Taglia

This On-Demand Webinar is a 52:33 minute discussion hosted by Jay Burns, MTS' Senior Solutions Consultant with Industry Veteran Pete Taglia: Principal Consultant at Optimal Process Mortgage Services / FHN Financial Liaison.

Pete has over 40 years of mortgage banking experience. When he was Senior Vice President at FHN Financial, he concentrated on loan sale and securitization strategies, asset-backed structuring, and portfolio analysis.

Jay is a 30-year veteran of the mortgage industry. He has focused on providing process improvement methodologies that leverage technology to streamline otherwise manual processes using machine learning OCR, artificial intelligence, robotics processing automation and smart API integration.

Webinar Topic: Risk is inherent in every aspect of our business. In this webinar you will learn from a recognized industry leader on how to tackle the Three Steps of Risk Management and leverage advanced process intelligence technology to allow you to automate your loan quality management with machine learning OCR and artificial intelligence.


IntellaLend - Automated Loan Quality Management Platform

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"Information is key in managing risk...take advantage of information...that is what [mitigating loan portfolio risk] is all about... What you are looking at is monitoring activity and you are trying to be ahead of the game; you're trying to act early... As you analyze...risk at the loan file, how do you know that the data is correct, what is the integrity of that file, and that is some of the key points that Jay was making earlier."

-Pete Taglia, Principal Consultant at Optimal Process Mortgage Services / FHN Financial Liaison

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