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What We Do

MTS Software Solutions provides technology and services that simplify, streamline and accelerate core business processes.

Document & Data Management Solutions

Business Process Automation and workflow software, scanning services, on premises or outsourced, are designed for efficient front and back‐office operations.

Gary Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur Gary Schwartz saw the opportunity in data management and sharing in 1981, when the cutting edge of technology was the 3½-inch floppy drive.

Earl Voorhees

Chief Operations Officer

Earl’s expertise in Information Technology reaches back to 1983. Since 1998, he has focused on Content Management and Business Process Automation.

Rob Stewart

Director of Sales and Marketing

Rob has over 30 years of experience in the software and computer services industry, including over 28 years in banking.

Larry Schwartz

Vice President, Sales – Philadelphia

Larry brings MTS clients 20 years of immersion in document management systems and information management. Mr.

Cindy Coll

Director of Conversion Services

Cindy has been in the conversions business for more than 20 years.

IntellaFlo Product Platform

IntellaFlo is a web-based workflow and case management platform.

MTS Software Solutions has built a number of applications that operate both independently and/or in conjunction with our other software offerings.

Accounts Payable


  • Extended cycle times cost you money in late fees and penalties
  • Paper increases risk of error in transcription

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